Thursday, October 28, 2010

Dressing up

Halloween is not something I look forward to celebrating. I was raised saying Happy Harvest not Happy Halloween. As an adult I did get in the spirit as well as my boyfriend and my puppy Bentley. Things are a bit different but here are some past pictures.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Yes I do...

I crochet. Call me old, call me Nanny Faith. I don't care. I love this art! This allows me to be creative and use a talent God gave me. I didn't know I had it till a decade ago... Here are some examples of my patterns. I just come up with it in my head and then make it happen.

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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

the s word

There are several that make me feel negative inside Sh*&, selfishiness, and sinuses. In the past I have had a long ongoing battle with my sinuses, mainly from my allergies turning evil on me. They have gotten so much better with changing my lifestyle to organic one; which includes my cleaning products and living in a home with wood floors. BUT, now I live in a 4,000 sq foot house with wall to wall carpeting and natural cleaning agents don't exist in this shared household. The kitchen is not set up for cooking yet so I have not been eating my regular diet of whole organic foods.

"Either way" as my other half would say... my ear has been HURTING me for dayssss, then my face and teeth. I'm dying. I have been doing organic all natural for about 8 years, however I have not been so good with practing holistic healing. I decided it was now or never to try---

Oh and lucky for you, I filmed it for your enjoyment. Keep in mind I look like Sh*& and I feel like it too. However all the times I try to upload the video...lucky for me it won't load! So let me give you a brief summary in two sentences. I can't watch that video of me without laughing at myself! Did I just really use the same tissue to blow my nose and wipe my mouth?

Well you should have an update from me-- a day later my pain was gone, a bunch of yellow crap came out of my nose and I eventually got the rythmn of Neti down. I learned the "proper" technique from my friends on FB. They gave me some wonderful pointers! I won't say I am enjoying it. But I do like it and I shall always be friends with Neti! Now if I can just become friends with the dentist!

flamingos. help!

Well were STILL in the big house... the girls and I. Things have gotten quite scary in this NICE, quiet neighborhood. There have been a few break-ins with in a house or two of where we are staying--- all within the last 8 days. Thanks goodness my dogs are here to protect me!


Yes there is a pink flamingo, circa 1950's in our very own backyard. I can't decide if its funny or tacky. Either way it made this modern home feel vintage even if for a moment and it gave me such a giggle to witness Paisley's first hand encounter with her pink enemy!

Here is the link to the history of the pink flamingo, lawn art.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Yep, I need some protection! I can do that myself; all I need is the perfect shower cap! Like this one below. Of course I am googling away and looking for the one for me...Start with Ebay, then Esty and then I google images... Nothing for sale that suits me.

I do need a shower cap for protection! I don't wash my hair EVERY time I take a shower. So it will protect it from getting wet and save me time from having to redo my hair! And since I do love to soak in the bath--- just about every night to relax. It will protect my hair from getting wet then too. Those are the only practical reasons I can give you.

Alrighty... YES! I do think it would look CUTE. BUT--- it goes with the fact I am molding my life after how our grandparents did things and this would be something my grandma would of done to protect her hair after getting it done at the beauty parlor. It cost money to get your hair done and getting it wet after getting it permed could end it a disaster. So while its not the same EXACT reason... for me it's reason enough.

I am so glad to finally find a site that has a cute shabby chic one! $12.00 and handmade!!! Protection can be adorable and presh! Well the kind I need anyways...

nighty night

Can't fall asleep instead of complaining and listing all the reasons why I can't. I am going to fix this problem one by one. My solution...Audrey Hepburn. Maybe I want to feel glamorous and wear an eye mask like they did in the old hollywood movies or maybe its the fact I really do sleep better in the darkest of the dark. Humor me and just call me, Audrey!

Why can't I sleep? I truly think its birth order. I am the oldest of the 4 kids in my family and 16 cousins. I was in an eviroment from birth with no distractions, no loud sounds coming from other kids or bothersome sunlight gleemining in my eyes while mama does her errands. I am sure my parents were extra careful with me and kept me at home (no traveling) because I was their delicate first born. Noise. What noise? I was the only kids around! I was the noise. But low and behold I still live by those sleeping standards today. Dark, quiet and plenty of room. Things still have not changed. So...

I googled!!! I found the perfect face mask for me! It's white, girly and it even has ruffles and two bows! Guess what else??? SJP wore it in an episode of Sex n the City in black!

I ordered it and have been using it for months and it REALLY is the most comfy and perfect mask I have ever had! !! It's like a black out pillow for your eyes! I really like the fact that came from a small company AND their handmade! I like supporting small business.

Next purchase from Mimi this darling shower cap AND maybe another face mask! Oh heck I will take this whole set shown above!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

two c's, not dead!

A stool made for me by Marcus for Christmas in 2008. I grew up using a stool just like this one and have always wanted one just like it. I mentioned it to Marcus and he contacted my mom and she mailed him architecture type plans with the demensions and specifications to help him recreate it for me, she addressed the letter To: Santa's Workshop!

The cross shown above was the other part of my Christmas present from Marcus that same year. After my reaction to the ones he made his mom and sister he knew he better make me one too, but in white! I am so grateful he did! I LOVE it! Pictured below is the first gift he ever gave me and made me and it was for my 31st birthday in 2008.

While some say chivalry is dead, in my world it is not. My man, I consider very handy and quite creative (for a doctor). While he was in school most of my gifts were handmade, part because of the money and part because thats how he expressed his affection for me. At first I was taken back, for I have only received hand made gifts from relatives and some were not quite appreciated. But now I crochet/knit and for the last nine years many of the gifts I have given have been handmade. I NOW know the thought, time, and effort that goes into something that is handmade. I was floored each time by the things he came up with for me AND found the time in the midst of his HEAVY test schedule. I knew that he was showing me his feelings and to me that is a type of chivalry. It made me think of the handmade gifts that were made back in the day when our grandparents were dating. Just the thought of that type of gift giving warmed my sould.

Marcus extended his skills to make something for my parents one Christmas. My dad loves birds, anything with Boy Scouts and my mom LOVES minatures. So he incorporated those things and came up with a Boy Scout birdhouse complete with minature accents!

One Sunday after church Marcus gave them their Christmas gift. It was spring when he finished but they understood his school schedule and needless to say they were thrilled. My mama is trying not to cry she is saying "ohhhhh Marcus... it's wonderful!" It still sits on the mantle over a year later in the living room between our family pictures almost as a shrine! It's too beautiful to go outside!

My last Christmas gift in 2009. I wanted a monogrammed cutting board. He found a piece of wood on one of our many walks and saved it... He carefully crafted this for me and burned a F for my name Faith. As you can see I have my own carpenter, one that makes me beautiful thoughtful gift from the heart. I have many projects in mind two of which are shown below but they aren't the kind of gifts you give a girlfriend... it tends to be something you would make for your soon to be wife.

Chivalry and Carpentry nope they are NOT dead, not in MY world.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

the "big house"

My bedroom at "the big house". I did try to set up some of my stuff even though I have no idea how long I will be here. I am renting a room from a couple we know in their 4,000 square foot home they bought late spring. Even though it is temporary, I have to make my room feel like home.

The dogs area in the bathroom. Here is a cute little periwinkle freebie table from my old neighbor Carol where I added reading material for those long baths!

Picked flowers from the backyard and my vintage hand towel is hanging on oversized rick rack. Two vintage glasses are used for dental needs. My favorite organic hand soap by Myers.

Paisley watching me leave for work. She doesn't look too pleased.

Much needed closet space! Finally! Shoes how I adore thee. The stool you see here Marcus made for me one Christmas identical to the one I used growing up!

Well while I wait for Marcus to get settled and find us a place to live I will be here at the "big house". Hopefully, next time I blog about a new place it will be a home in West Texas!

my "cottage"

My bedroom shown here at what I called my "cottage". I lived in an historic area in Dallas, Texas a boutqiue style apartment home which is really a 4 plex built in 1920. After three years of living there, I moved the last week of April 2010. My lease was up and my lovely man Marcus was graduating from Chiropractic Collge. He lived in a house that one of his classmate owns and they lived together. He paid rent but didn't have a lease so he could move when as needed. (when he found a job) We weren't sure where he would practice and if or when he/we would be moving and where that would even be. A couple we know offered to let me rent a room from them in their 4,000 square foot house they are redoing. Hence the references I make to the big house in my blogs! So now neither of us have leases and we can move forward as needed! PTL!

The view from my bedroom. French doors open ino the Living room.

My sweet white couch. I sold it after I moved. I finally broke down and just did it. I wasn't going to have a LR at the "big house". Just a bedroom and bathroom. Everything else would go into storage. And this couch is meant for girls to sit on, not regular sized people-- not very practical to keep for our future home.

My first piece I bought after I became a flight attendant was this coffee table. I put it on layaway and I still have it! The chairs I gave to a GF for her patio and the dresser on the right is from my Aunt Linda. It is my cousin's baby dresser and it still holds my TV today, just in my bedroom instead of the living room. The cupboard you see directly in front of you was the first piece I bought when I was 15. I was going to redo it and fell in love with it's character. I fell in love with shabby chic and started collecting before it was known as Shabby Chic.

A picture I got for $10.00 from my neighbor Carol who owns a shop in Lakewood's antique shop called Curiosities. The bench on the left with the yellow linen covering it was my vanity bench growing up and the end tables on both sides of the couches are vintage suitcases. This one is shown is covered because it is navy and didn't match. But I did get it for $5.00 in Colorado when I was 15.

I got this from Lily Pulitzer at North Park Mall. And I just love the needlepoint elephants and the original crystal door knobs!

My Aunt Lorrie has given more pieces than I can count! Two of which are shown above. I put the vintage seed packets that still contain their seeds in this modern frame and place a metal list holder below to write notes. If you look carefully you can see what Marcus wrote for me to find.
If you ask me do I miss my cottage... Yes, I do miss my cottage; my girly white oasis with wood floors and crystal door knobs! It had the 0rginal kitchen tile counters and stove top, also the built ins were still there from when they were built in 1920. However, I do not miss the periodic gunshots at night, 2 car break ins, the roaches I ran from, nor the mice climbing through the building walls and on top of that the maintence issues that took forever to fix. But I am glad I lived there. I am grateful I did. I loved it and I will always love that cottage; but after 3 years of beauty the practical side of me took over. It was time to move on.

shabby chic dog

Pictured above is Paisley my happy little love bug. Marcus has nicknamed her peanut. He thinks she looks like one. Below is Bentley the older "sister". She is my little lady. She looks like Bambi but at times she looks just like a prarie dog!
Don't get me confused with Paris Hilton. I have come a long way the last four years of having Bent and Pai Pai. I no longer dress them up and noooo, I don't carry them around with me everywhere I go. But I did. Then my life evolved and so did theirs. But I did come up with an idea that fits my Eco-friendly side with my need to continue to make my dogs look presh!

Since I love to reuse items in unexpected ways; I took vintage hankies I had and put them on Paisley and Bentley. They look sooo cute!

It actually helps people be able to tell them apart at the dog park and it keeps them cool in the heat of the summer while they play outside or go on walks. I take a hankie and dip it in cool water and tie around their neck while they play outside.

Of course sometimes I do put them on Bentley and Paisley while we are hanging out at the house just cause they look so darn cute in them! I guess I have not outgrown that "modern" side of having small dogs!

The three previous pictures (taken inside) are from a year or so ago and the girls have had some changes in their life. No more chew toys except outside and they sleep in their own bed. Its for the best for everyone but I admit one of my favorite things is snuggling with them in the cooler weather! They are great heaters!

Hankies can run anywhere from 50 cents to $8.50 depending on where you go. I got some from family members, garage sales, flea markets and estate sales. I try to spend less than $3.00 but when you happen upon an item and fall in love sometimes it just screams BUY ME no matter what!

Saturday, August 28, 2010


While Marcus (Dr. Narcus) is in West Texas getting settled and things ready for the dogs and I to join him; I am trying to stay busy! So when a sweet friend named Heather asked me to Nanny Friday night I jumped at the chance!
Emma who is not quite two came to the "big house" to "party". We had a girls night to ourselves. Within a few minutes of meeting me (we had several times before but she was too tiny to recall) we were off for a run in the jogging stoller to the neighborhood park. But before setting off I decided to send Marcus a video from myself and it turns out from Emma as well!

martha stewart

Inside dogs don't need collars.? Well "outside" dogs do?. . We my babies and I, oops I meant my dogs and I are still a bit new to the whole outside dog lifestyle. They have only been real dogs since May; when we moved from our city cottage to our temp home that I have named the "big house". (more info on that to come) Right after the transition to our new lifestyle I of course left them outside while I grabbed a sandwhich... the dogs decided to go on adeventure. So instead of going back to our Paris Hilton lifestyle...I decided to compromise! I was on a mission to find sturdy new collars and dog tags!
Marthat Stewart ordered collars from and so did I. Bentley and Paisley now have cute, preppy, sturdy collars. But now I must find circular tags that fit the criteria...

tag or not to tag?

Electronic chips in your that safe? It is quite modern way to get your sweet babies home to you should they stray. My sweet Paisley had one placed in her prior to my adopting her, however updating it seems to be an ordeal. Bentley does not. I have thought long and hard about Eco/Green side says no, my heart says yes. So with the help from my love, we did other things we could to keep my babies from being chipped. With his direction we secured the backyard with every means necessary to keep my sweet babies from escaping for a second time.
While we are not sure of where are permanent home will be; the facts are the dogs need updated tags and ones that don't make noise! So I googled for weeks and finally after a long search found a lady on etsy that makes acrylic resin tags that are cutom made! With her help we came up with the ones shown above. But it was a process because I had just purchased two new preppy collars for the girls! They needed something sturdier and of course styish cause they had to match their personalites and the collars they got! And they did. See below, Paisley is on the left and Bentley on the right.
Thanks Aimee! I might add on the back of the tags are our cell numbers and email addresses! So no matter where we move we can be located! AND sad or happy to say...they have already worked! Right after moving into my temporary home with the girls-- which I call the "big house" they went off on an adventure and met the neighbors, Rosemary and Larry. They called both Marcus and I so the the tags info is readible and cute too boot! Whew! Inside dogs again but only when I am not there to supervise the rascals! I also should also add that they are walked around the neighborhoods in where we live so they can be familar with the track to "get home" and so the neighbors know they belong to someone. JIC.